I have always been guided by a strong sense of "knowing," even before I understood what it meant. In 2006, it became particularly clear. In the span of a week, I saved a little girl's life from the crashing surf and days later found a man who was dying in the water while I was out windsurfing. In both of these situations, I had a strong knowing of where I needed to be—without ever questioning it or doubting myself. This became a turning point. I needed to know and understand more.

In 2003, I had my first intuitive session with Deborah Kremins. I was astounded by the insight and healing she provided. My work with her inspired me to take her intuitive healing classes, leading me to my own work as an intuitive healer. I started formal training with Deborah in 2006 and I have completed her year long graduate program of Advanced Energy Medicine twice. Deborah is a graduate of the Academy of Intuition Medicine in Sausalito, studying under the founder, Dr. Francesca McCartney.

Since 2012, I started working with my own clients. I have been working with the Pacific Cancer Foundation here on Maui since 2015, teaching intuitive healing meditations. Helping others heal, find greater joy in their lives, and communicating with their loved ones who have crossed over is my life’s calling.

My intuitive ability combined with my professional training allows me to see people/relationships/circumstances from a different perspective than the individual may be able to. Not only can I see these things on an energetic level, I have also been trained to use different types of energies to heal. I can help shift/improve and provide insight to my clients that they may not have been able to receive on their own.  Along with being able to shift the energy myself, I can also provide practical tools to help my clients to improve situations and their relationships.

I also have the ability to see and communicate with people who have died. I always knew I could sense spirits who crossed over, but through my training with Deborah I have learned how to call on them when needed. This feels incredibly natural to me. Through seeing, hearing, and feeling others energies, I am often able to provide my clients with resolution and/or comfort. 

  Let's live this life authentically, with      who we really are and with all that we  desire.   

  Let's live this life authentically, with      who we really are and with all that we  desire.