Listening to your inner voice

One of the beautiful things about saying “no,” is the sense of empowerment it gives you. It can help you feel that you are in control of your life amidst the chaos of this modern world. It makes it easier to continue to say “no” to people, situations, requests, and unnecessary obligations.

Sometimes it may be easier to say no to the difficult person than it is to a birthday party invitation that you may feel obligated to attend. Just envisioning the several hours of superficial “cocktail” conversation instead of enjoying what you really want to be doing…like going to the beach with your family or staying at home with a good book…is enough to make me break out in a cold sweat. 

When we don’t listen to our inner voice or intuition and do things out of an unconnected obligation, we take ourselves out of alignment with our own truth. This creates a DIS-ease in the body. It is a subtle stressor on the body that takes us out of our optimum healing state—the relaxation mode and homeostasis. 

When we are in alignment with our truth, a beautiful shift occurs. We feel more content, less stressed, and more connected to our spirit. We are able to move through the world with more ease and grace. We feel happier and more fulfilled by doing the things that are true for us.

Listen to your inner voice and trust it. Watch how your life unfolds into more beauty and authenticity.