Namaste: Recognizing the divine within

When I finished college in 1990, I proudly joined corporate America and donned my panty hose and business suits and went to work as an Account Representative for the Xerox Corporation in San Francisco. After the honeymoon of being part of the establishment wore off, I realized I detested selling copier machines. No matter how many “document solutions” I was able to provide, I still hated getting up in the morning.

After three years, I left with a one-way ticket to Asia with my brother, Paul (Thanks, Mom & Dad!) After traveling through China and Hong Kong, we settled in Taiwan for 6 months to teach English…what I thought was my dream job! However, living in Taiwan was not my dream place. I left my brother and traveled through South East Asia for another 5 months by myself. Of all the countries I went to, the time I spent in Nepal was definitely the highlight of my year abroad.

I had heard the Nepalese greeting ‘Namaste' before, but I didn’t understand it’s true meaning. A kind Nepalese porter explained that the greeting meant, “the God in me sees the God in you,” or “the divine in me honors the divine in you.” After spending three years of trying to be someone I wasn't, I felt seen for the first time. When the Nepalese greeted me with “Namaste,” they truly looked me in the eyes, saw my soul, and embraced me for who I was. It was magical.

Part of the beauty of Intuitive Healing Meditation is the recognition of the divinity within ourselves and each other. We are spiritual and divine beings having this temporary human experience. It’s so easy to get caught up in the material world and the superficial nature of modern society. But, when we can recognize our divine nature and see beyond our earthly pursuits, we can live a more meaningful and purposeful life. We can accept ourselves and each other by being vulnerable, present, and authentic. 

So, NAMASTE to each and every one of you. I see the Divine in all of you. Take the time to recognize it within yourselves and those around you.