Appreciating Death....

Yesterday a good friend’s husband was stung by two wasps. He had a reaction that sent him to an almost seizure like state. It was terrifying for her and her 16 year old daughter, as this had never happened before and they feared he may die. After a 911 call and a day spent in the ER, we were all grateful for his recovery and healthy prognosis.

Sometimes it takes moments like this to appreciate all that we have. Death can be our greatest teacher, yet we live in a culture where it is uncomfortable to talk about, let alone admit the fact that we are all going to die at some point. Death teaches us how precious life is. None of us know when it will be our turn to take our last breath. If you knew you had a week left to live, what would you be doing differently in your life right now?

Michael Singer, author of The Untethered Soul, says, “Learn to live as though you are facing death at all times, and you’ll become bolder and more open. If you live life fully, you won’t have any last wishes. You will have lived them every moment. Only then will you have fully experienced life and released the part of you that is afraid of living."