Finding the sacred in the ordinary...

As I was folding my laundry this morning and eyeing the seemingly endless pile of dirty clothes, I stopped myself from dreading the task. I reminded myself to just breathe. To be in this moment. My body immediately relaxed. I took the moment to be present rather than trying to rush through or find a podcast to distract myself with. This moment is all I have. I listened to the birds chirping noisily at the bird feeder. I smelled the deliciousness of my coffee. I felt the stillness and calm from being present and from quieting my mind. I realized how quickly I am able to shift how I am feeling.

We don’t need to be sitting on a cushion or in a church to feel “spiritual.” When we bring presence into whatever we are doing, we are infusing the sacred into the ordinary. By quieting the little voice in our head, we are giving way for our own spirit to be heard. 

Give your divine self the opportunity to shine today.