Noticing...not judging....

Yesterday, I was with my 16 year old daughter, Malia, when we were driving by a neighbor’s house under reconstruction. There are some things being done in a rather different style than the other neighbors. I pointed out to my daughter that it annoys me that it is so “different.” She then looked at me, without any judgement, and said, “It only annoys you if you choose to let it annoy you.” Wow. She’s spot on. She is my child who came into the world with a moral compass the size of the Dalai Lama’s. However, when I told my husband what she said, he replied, “It would be nice if she practiced that with her brother (who’s breathing annoys her!). 

One of the goals of mindfulness is to try to view the world through that neutral lens. To be objective in our observations. When we are able to do this, we are less likely to go down the rabbit hole of negative talk. As a result, our calm mind keeps our body calm and in that optimum place of healing and health.

Notice when you are being critical. Instead of beating yourself up over it, just say, “noticing.” This practice will help you feel better about yourself and your day!