Here is a meditation we did as a group last week on “Letting Go.”

Sacha Stewart - Letting Go & Creation

It was helpful in allowing me to focus on letting go of what I cannot control. It was also helpful in thinking of things that I can let go of that no longer serve me.

Eighteen months ago, I let go of my nightly 2 glasses of wine with dinner routine. Believe me! I didn’t want to let go of what I came to view as my daily treat and what was necessary in helping me to unwind. However, I knew that I was not feeling my optimum by my daily drinking indulgence. Although it was difficult at first, I found that I felt SO much better and slept so much better than before. It’s opened up my life in really beautiful ways…like being able to get up earlier each morning to have some quiet time with the birds and my dog.

When we can acknowledge and accept the fact that we need to let go of something, it makes it easier to do so. Know that it is okay to feel sad about letting go of something (I thought I wouldn’t have as much fun without wine!). Trust that there will be great things to come from letting go.

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