Finding that PEACEFUL feeling....even when the children are here!

This last month, both my children (16 & 17) were gone for 3 weeks at the same time. This is a first for me that they were both gone and I had no guests or family here. I LOVE being a mom and I have not been too excited about the prospect of my lovely children leaving our nest when they go off to college. However, after missing them both the first day, I quickly got over it and started to enjoy the feeling of quiet and spaciousness….

Before my kids left, I had HUGE plans of channeling Ms.“Tidy Up” Marie Kondo’s energy and decluttering the entire house, as well as a few other home projects. All those plans went out the window after the first few days of enjoying my childless nest. After almost 18 years of being on 24/7, I felt like I was a 12 year old on her first day of summer with no responsibility. It was heavenly. It helps that I really like my husband and enjoyed the one on one time with him.

It probably helped knowing that my kids were coming back and I know it will take much longer when they DO go off to college. But, since my son’s return, I’ve been trying to infuse that expansive feeling with him here.

One of the easiest things we can do to incorporate that lovely span of peace is to not look at our cell phones when we first wake up. Give yourself time to move into your day without bombarding your mind with texts, news, and notifications. It can wait. Try waiting for ten minutes or more.

Eckhart Tolle says, “Listening to silence awakens the dimension of stillness within yourself, because it is only through stillness that you can be aware of silence….when you become aware of silence, immediately there is that state of inner still alertness. You are present."

In tonight’s class we will focus on cultivating that feeling. When we can bring more space and silence into our day, we become more in touch with ourselves. When we can access that place, we can add more peace and tranquility to our lives.