Dealing with tragedy

I had written something else for this morning’s email, but when I went to, I was horrified by the massacre in Las Vegas and knew I needed to focus on what was at hand.

With intuitive healing meditation, there are tools that we have been practicing to use in everyday situations and during catastrophes, whether personally affected or not. We are all affected in some way by such atrocities. 

The first thing to do when learning of such tragedies is to find your grounding connection to the center of the earth. Allow your beam of light to travel down through your head, your body, through each layer of the earth, and then to the core. Feel your connection to the earth. This will immediately help calm your nervous system.

Then, allow yourself to take some deep and relaxing breaths. Allow the earth’s energy to come up through your legs and into your body. The healing earth’s energy releases any energy that is not in affinity with you and discharges it back into the earth. The earth neutralizes this negative energy.

Expand your aura. Energy follows thought, intention, and imagination. Give yourself a strong protection shield so you don’t take on the negative energy. Your aura acts as a filtration system, an energetic second skin.

In this protected and expanded state, it is easier to be present without taking on any energy from the chaos surrounding us. This makes it easier to offer your prayers, intentions, and positive energy to those in need. By staying calm and grounded, we are able to be present—offering kindness and love to our fellow man. On a day when graciousness, humanity, and compassion for all is much needed.