What to do when dealing with a challenging individual.

When dealing with a difficult individual, we can create an energetic boundary by creating a strong aura with a protection symbol. All living beings have an aura. It is the boundary between your personal energy system and the energy of others. It is a filtration system that can keep negative energy from coming into your space. By adding the protection symbol, it further sets a clear boundary for the outside edge.

When dealing with a difficult person, you can meet them at the edge of your aura. You don’t have to allow them into your energetic space. You can also imagine them (energy follows thought/intention/imagination) on the other side of the world, like Berlin or Cairo. Give yourself lots of space when dealing with them. It will help you feel safer and able to stand your ground more easily. It makes it easier to say “no” when you need to.

Practice setting boundaries with your aura. A healthy aura is 1 to 2 feet around you.