Taking a look inside...

This last month we’ve focused on stepping up and saying “no” in our lives where we needed to. Whether it be to say no to a difficult person, a situation, a commitment, or a friendship, it is often challenging to say no as we don’t want to hurt the other person’s feelings. However, as we have learned, saying no gives us the opportunity to say yes to ourselves. In healing our bodies, it is paramount to keep ourselves in our alignment with our truth. This helps put us in the relaxed state—the optimum healing state—so our bodies can heal.

When saying “no” to someone, we are giving that person an opportunity to grow and make changes they may need. I have been that “difficult” person who needed to hear “no.” Raised with two brothers by a military father, I learned that my mouth was my most efficient skewer.  Being a competitive windsurfer in San Francisco and the only female on the Sales teams in the technology startups I worked in, I felt the need to use my words to demonstrate how tough I was. I was even lovingly (or not so lovingly) christened “Stud Bitch,” “Pit Bull,” and “Pit Viper.” I took pride in these names. However, my caustic words were often hurtful and biting…even though I meant it all in “fun.” It took the loss of several friends and the intervention of a few close ones to tell me “no,” for me to realize I needed to make a change. I am grateful for those “no’s.” I have always felt warm and fuzzy on the inside….I am just a few steps closer to living and expressing that truth than I used to be.

When you hear a “no,” know that there is a gift in there somewhere.