Listening to my body....

When I woke up on Sunday, I was feeling the deep fatigue in my body that I have been experiencing the last month. As I didn’t have to get the kids to school, I was able to take a moment and check in.

My first reaction was fear. I felt scared…wondering how long I am going to feel sick this time…a year? 4 months? I could feel my body tensing and panic in my throat. Then I caught myself. I acknowledged to myself that I was feeling fear. In that moment of acknowledging, I was able to let go.

In allowing the experience to be what it is (I am tense/anxious/angry/worried), something changes in the body. We soften. Whatever is happening in the moment, is okay. This gives us a spaciousness, peace, and ease…regardless of the weather. The peace I felt come over my body, allowed me to relax and put myself into an optimum healing state.

Rather than fight the fatigue, I have accepted it (for the day, anyway!), and do what my body allows for. I have chosen to accomplish only the basics and gave myself permission to say no to anything that I did not have to do. I’ve asked for my husband and kids to step up and help more around the house. I have accepted help from my friends. I am healing and I am present in my body.