Attitude of gratitude!

Start your day with an attitude of gratitude! It makes the move into Monday a bit brighter. It’s amazing how quickly we can change how we are feeling when we shift our attention to something positive. Having a sense of humor can also lift your mood.

Three things that Carla is grateful for on this Monday morning:

1. Grateful that my 15 year old daughter and I are still speaking after our afternoon driving session yesterday. Still a bit bewildering to me as how suggesting to her that she doesn’t need her turn signal on half a mile from the turn is “picking a fight with her.”

2. Grateful that my cat affectionately brushes my leg in the morning, especially when my son recoils as if I have the plague when I try to hug him upon waking.

3. Grateful to have gas in my car as I prepare to drive to Wailuku 3x today and Olinda once for my UberMom daily program.

I feel happier just putting this down on paper!! Grateful for all of you for being on this healing journey together! 

Let me know what you are grateful for!