"In the middle of every difficulty lies an opportunity."--Albert Einstein

During meditation, when emotions such as anger arise, it is important to acknowledge the anger. Last week I had mentioned how I had a person in my life whom I let disturb me greatly in life and in my meditation. Anger would arise and I would acknowledge, “anger” (or more realistically, I would become angry! Even in my meditation!!) What was underneath the anger? Looking a little deeper, I found sadness, hurt, and disappointment. This person had been a friend at one point; someone I had enjoyed being with. So, allowing sadness, hurt, and disappointment to arise and acknowledge, made it easier to let the “anger” sail by. Acknowledging these thoughts and emotions, rather than suppressing them, helped in my letting the anger go, along with the sadness, hurt, and disappointment. 

The more we practice this in meditation and in our daily lives, the easier it becomes to letting these more difficult thoughts and emotions go.  Remember that meditation is a practice….a life long one that helps us to stay grounded and present while we cultivate a wise awareness. Go easy on yourself!