"Meditation is not about stopping our thoughts, but recognizing that we are more than our thoughts and our feelings." --Ariana Huffington

Last week we focused on going into our intuitive center/meditation sanctuary. From this place we can be aware of our thoughts.
The goal of meditation is to acknowledge our thoughts and then let them continue to sail on by. We don’t focus on eliminating painful thoughts or feelings, we recognize them and know they are just passing by. We don’t prolong pleasant emotions, either, during meditation.
They are also just sailing by on that sailboat!

When experiencing a difficult thought, return to your intuitive center and focus on your breath. 
Our goal is to become mindful of what is going on, but to not become attached to it.

Seven years ago there was a person in my life who I let disturb me greatly. I would go down into the rabbit hole of “what ifs” and play out different scenarios that would vindicate my anger. Although vindicated in my mind, it left me agitated and tense. My children could immediately sense that “Mommy had lost it again.” These continual dialogues in my head were taking too much of my mental and emotional real estate. 

Once I recognized what was happening, it was the start of letting go. I would feel the anger arise, but I wouldn’t chase it down the rabbit hole. I would name it--anger-- and then focus on my breathing and while going into my intuitive center. These people and situations are our teachers in helping us to evolve on our spiritual path. The quicker we can learn from them, the easier it is for us and the less likely that they will continue to play out in our lives.